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A Husband and wife team, open their house to offer Yoga and Meditation Retreats. Mathew and Agi – two souls in one spirit. They share a passion for teaching and practicing Yoga, Meditation and Spiritual life. They invite you to experience their hospitality and benefits of Yoga and Meditation in your daily life. The aim of their work is to empower the students to find their true Self; through awareness, yoga and meditation practice.  


Agi, originally from Poland, has an adventurous spirit. Love for different cultures and languages brought her to Spain, where she lived for 12 years. Since she was very young a curiosity for yoga aroused inside her. She laid her hands on the first yoga book at the age of 16 and she took her first steps by focusing on the respiratory exercises. As years went by, new yoga books showed up on Agi’s bookshelf, leading to the exploration of asanas and breathing practices. Over the year’s yoga and meditation have continues to be a big part of her life, becoming a vital part of her daily routine. Agi has attended many yoga retreats and meditation courses, including Vippassana. Agi is a certified Yoga Teacher.  


Mathew was born in Kerala, India. He left India in 1988 with a backpack and a burning desire in his heart to see the world. Hitchhiked and worked his way around the world before settling down in New Zealand, living there for the next fifteen years. He has a passion for traveling and interacting with different cultures around the world. He found his real passion in teaching not only practicing yoga and meditation. Mathew has attended many yoga meditation spiritual retreats and is a certified Yoga Teacher.