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We offer the opportunity for physical, spiritual, and mental rejuvenation through yoga, meditation and spiritual dialogue. We teach mindfulness hatha yoga and meditation, it is slow and conscious movement, synchronized with the breathing - meditation on movement. Classes are suitable for beginners and intermediate students but advanced practitioners are also welcome to our retreat. In order to give individual attention and provide guidelines according to the background and level of our guests, we take only four students per class. Yoga and meditation practice can be a deeply transforming experience that helps you to develop a new sense of yourself and what is of importance in one’s life, thus enabling one to learn new ways of creating greater inner balance and discovering the outer/inner wonders of life.  

Yoga for Senior Citizens: There are many gentle exercises in Hatha Yoga for elderly people to ensure good health, flexibility and ability to enjoy life. Our yoga routine for Senior Citizens is designed for your physical conditioning which ensures your emotional and mental wellbeing

Yoga for Beginners: We also have specially designed yoga classes for beginners. Our Yoga for Beginners will give you the basic tips, guidelines and recommendations you will need to start your successful yoga journey.